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Suhas: Will the effort of “Writer” work?

Suhas. has established himself in the industry by doing small roles.. now he has grown to become a hero. Even though Doche was introduced to the industry with the film, it took him a long time to gain recognition as an actor. Lucky got a chance to be the hero in the Color Photo movie. With this movie, he showed everyone the actor in him. With this, it not only achieved great success, but also won the National Award.

With Color Photo movie, Suhas not only got recognition as a good actor, but also got opportunities. After this, Suhas got an opportunity for an OTT movie called Family Drama as the hero. Suhas’s performance in this movie was also praised by the critics. Not only that.. He got the villain role in a huge project like Hit 2. Not only that.. He was also compared to Kollywood star actor Vijay Sethupathi. Suhas, who has gained all this recognition, is now going to come before the audience with another interesting story.

Suhas is coming to theaters on February 3 with the movie Writer Padmabhushan . The already released trailer of this movie has impressed the audience tremendously. It seems that the movie will be fun and increase interest. With the trailer creating a good buzz about the movie, Suhas is planning to bring the audience with the whole family. As a part of that, he reduced the ticket prices of his movies.

Currently, tickets for this movie in Telangana will be available at a maximum of 110 rupees in single screens and 150 rupees in multiplexes. In AP, the maximum price has been fixed at Rs 110 in single screens and Rs 177 in multiplexes. As the ticket price is low, there is a chance for the audience to come as a family. There is a chance that the collections will be huge.


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