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Super Sharanya Movie Review: Girish AD returns with another charming tale of friendship and romance

Unlike in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, the female characters address to outshine the boys in Huge Sharanya


Printed: 09th January 2022

Anybody who has handed by the Maharaja’s Faculty Metro build in Kochi will have noticed a quote of E.E Cummings framed on one in every of its walls. It goes care for this: “Except you luxuriate in any individual, nothing else makes sense.” Quite a few things don’t seem to make sense for the eponymous protagonist Sharanya (Anaswara Rajan) till she finds any individual to care for in Huge Sharanya. Extra on this in a whereas. 

Director: Girish AD

Solid: Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Vineeth Vasudevan, Vineeth Vishwam, Naslen, Sajin Cherukayil

Because the movie opens, Sharanya is in faculty going by your total awkward experiences that a demure and moderately introverted person care for her would no longer want to bump into when impulsively positioned in a typical atmosphere. She is a classic fish out of water. And also that you just would be capable to’t blame her brooding referring to the draw of oddball characters — of the other gender, mostly — round her. However help home, where her folks are, it’s miles no longer too good both. Who would no longer say to the feeling of going home at any time when the faculty ambiance becomes too grand to bear? And when Sharanya takes a snappy destroy after an upsetting ragging episode, her mother’s disapproving stance makes things awkward at home too. Besides, she is reluctant to head out lest she gets pestered by the boys in her neighbourhood. However their establish callings seem more straightforward to address when put next to the angle of the three males vying for her attention in her faculty.

There would possibly per chance be her classmate Sangeeth (Naslen), her professor Arun (Vineeth Vishwam), and the third, a senior named Ajith Menon (Vineeth Vasudevan), who’s imagined to be out of school by now. Sangeeth in all fairness harmless. Arun, on the other hand, provokes your ire by being an insufferable bore. He makes the cheesiest moves inspired, apparently, by the limitless cheesy Malayalam romantic motion photographs he grew up staring at. He’s going to learn things the though-provoking approach, and so will Ajith Menon, whom I stumbled on to be one in every of the movie’s funniest characters, no matter his excessive formulation. He is the Malayali equal of Mathew McConaughey’s persona from Dazed and Puzzled, with the exception of for the variation in their personalities. The entirety about Ajith’s body language and look provides you the impression that he must’ve seen Arjun Reddy as continuously as his recent age. Then over again, creator-director Girish AD is cautious no longer to overdo the spoof. And Vineeth retains all the pieces subtle. His performance carries the proper mix of contaminated and humorous. He is a drama queen, but he’s no longer as fearless as Arjun Reddy. He is at his funniest when he’s essentially the most triggered. When that occurs, he makes a day out to the Himalayas to obtain rid of his ego (wink wink). However he’s no longer Vijay Devarakonda from Dear Comrade both. Thought to be one of many movie’s most hilarious moments has Vineeth and gang chasing Naslen by the faculty grounds, and the static huge shot amplifies the droll invent. Speaking of which, cinematographer Sajith Purushan makes clear that his camera is no longer intrusive. It is unwavering in its attention on the characters.

Then over again, it’s miles a total outsider, Deepu (Arjun Ashokan), that Sharanya takes a liking to. I cherished how Girish makes a clownfish a see to the 2 most principal moments of their lives. One would possibly per chance likely per chance likely surprise what is it about Deepu that makes a elegant lady care for Sharanya tumble for him. He is no longer any individual unheard of or straight away likeable. However that seems to be what Girish is going for — painting a image of incorrect traditional folks hailing from heart-class backgrounds, which judge in their conversations which would possibly per chance be no longer of the extremely psychological diversity. In the imagination of any other filmmaker, tiny focus on, such because the kind seen right here, would possibly per chance likely per chance likely test your patience. However Girish’s thoughts operates in a different way. As an illustration, you would possibly per chance likely per chance obtain a persona talking about some random matter and then straight away switch to a fully varied topic mid-sentence and then, a few seconds later, obtain help to the previous one, and the switching feels so natural.

No matter some witty, splendidly evocative moments from the fellows, the female characters address to outshine the boys this time round. If Thanneer Mathan Dinangal gave us a grand newcomer care for Naslen, Huge Sharanya provides us Mamitha Baiju (Operation Java, Kho Kho), as Sharanya’s buddy Sona. She will be able to be able to be without peril cool in one 2d and inclined to needless overreaction in any other. Her outspoken nature is every so frequently met with admiration and, at varied times, with derision. Huge Sharanya is without peril her finest work after Kho Kho. She has proved already to be an actor with grand doable, and he or she would possibly per chance likely per chance likely attain better heights if she continues to shield sufficient scripts care for Huge Sharanya where she gets moderately a few space to carry out her simplest.  Sona is that buddy who likes to own that she is aware of more referring to the enviornment than every person else and tries to fragment her pearls of data with whom she considers naive. No matter some of her anxious qualities, she is the more or much less buddy you opt you had. When Sharanya begins a relationship with Deepu, Sona is against it, no longer essentially out of envy but because she thinks it’s merely no longer wise. However by then, Sharanya has remodeled correct into a braver, more assured person. She overcomes her inhibitions when round guys. The girl who as soon as aged to be awkward round them becomes a thoroughly varied person after assembly Deepu. Possibly she inherited the feisty spirit from her pleasing lady gang, or, likely, one thing was mendacity dormant in her that awoke after assembly Deepu.

Once the pause credits roll, we don’t bewitch your total tiny print — because there are so many — but we invent the characters. It is that more or much less movie. Among the many a recount little flourishes is how Girish makes use of determined food objects — on this case, papadam — as a recurring prop. In one scene, it’s miles crushed by a aggravated persona. In any other, an already aggravated persona becomes more aggravated when it’s miles lacking from lunch. On any other event, a persona makes use of it as a shield to veil from a bully. 

Then over again, as grand as I loved quite lots of the interactions on this movie, one needs the latter half of had been tighter. I stumbled on my passion dwindling in a few areas, care for the stretch where Sharanya and Deepu obtain upset with each varied briefly and do not focus on. If these scenes would possibly per chance likely per chance likely composed be longer than principal, they need one thing uncommon to retain our attention, but we don’t obtain that. The presentation right here lacks freshness, although we obtain one adorable, properly performed romantic 2d that reminds Deepu of “that movie where a wide ship sinks”. Some would possibly per chance likely per chance likely also obtain the 160-min length bothersome. Possibly this movie would’ve played greater and not using a longer no longer as much as 10 minutes shaved off its runtime.

Huge Sharanya recalls that segment when some of life’s most trivial considerations regarded the finest, most insurmountable challenges to beat. However the later adult segment — the thirties and forties and fifties — tells you that all the pieces that came earlier than pales in comparability. Girish, who made waves along with his debut, Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, over again proves that he has no equal in Malayalam cinema proper now in phrases of making the minute and mundane aspects of daily life participating. He is an astute observer of both male and female behaviour. In Girish’s world, a spat between chums has a snappy lifespan. In his world, two male chums can attain a mutual determining if both tumble for the an identical lady as a change of harbouring in dejected health emotions and conspiring to hurt the varied for the “grave injustice” performed to him. In his world, a brother or brother-in-regulations would walk to any extent to make your needs near proper. In his world, a senior would rag a junior and later attain the latter within the hope of being chums. And it’s miles no longer an unrealistically astounding idea because such folks exist too, and we opt we got to examine more of them round.



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