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The Boys: Fan Art Sees Homelander Reflection Scene Reimagined as Comic Art

A new piece of The Boys fan art re-imagines Homelander’s reflection scene in a comic book style. Based upon the comic collection by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Prime Video’s The Boys occurs in a world where superheroes (also known as “Supes”) have actually been corrupted by their star condition. The supes participate in negligent actions made it possible for by powerful corporations like Vought International, which is famous for its satirical handles Marvel’s The Avengers in Payback and DC’s Justice League in The Seven. At the facility of the collection is Homelander (Antony Starr), a egotistical as well as twisted variation of DC’s Superman.

Having endured the life of a lab rat because very early childhood, one part of Homelander’s individuality is an insecure youngster that craves a mother/father number and also the admiration of everyone around him. If he can not be loved, being been afraid is “A-1, Okey-Doke” with Homelander. In a scene reminiscent of Norman Osborn’s exchanges with the Green Goblin in Spider-Man or The Lord of the Rings’ Gollum/Smeagol scenes, Homelander stands before a large mirror in his quarters as his two fifty percents engage with each various other, with the “negative” telling the “great” the last needs to be reduced out like a cancer.

Artist HanumTaza recently required to Twitter to share an image influenced by The Boys. The art flawlessly recreates Homelander’s season 3 representation scene. The piece sees Homelander’s dangerous ego extending as the opposite of himself cries and also, possibly, hopes the man in the mirror does not take control of entirely. Check it out listed below:

The above scene is just one example of just how The Boys season 3’s adjustment of “Herogasm” is a lot more than just a wild superhero event. Homelander’s mindset has ended up being progressively breakable, with Soldier Boy’s return and also the prospective collapse of Vought pushing him to a snapping point. As the Superman to his Captain America, Solider Boy was Homelander before Vought determined they needed an upgrade. And while The Boys season 1 and 2 never ever saw Homelander threatened physically, season 3 utilizes the 70th yearly Herogasm as the setup for Homelander’s initial real challenge in the fight against Solider Boy, Butcher, and also Hughie. Not only is Homelander humbled by this, but he’s virtually gotten by Soldier Boy’s new power.

Its last scenes sees Homelander looking in the mirror again, this time with a swelling on his face– a representation of the humanity the supe believed he was above. Suffice to state, Starr’s oerformance in The Boys season 3 adds credence to Homelander being one of the most intriguing as well as complicated villains on tv.

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