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The boys finally paid for Hughie’s first scene

Ultimately, The Boys delivers justice for Robin as season 3 brings Hughie Campbell and also A-Train with each other at Herogasm.’s The Boys has come a terribly long way because season 1. Whereas Billy Butcher’s gang were initially little more than small turtles snapping at the Seven’s heels, they’re now giving Homelander nightmares, recruiting Queen Maeve, and going to the similar red carpet occasions as Vought’s finest. After such a stark adjustment of circumstances, it’s easy to neglect The Boys all started when a drugged-up A-Train ran straight with Hugh Campbell’s sweetheart at high-speed in season 1’s opening series. Hughie was left holding Robin’s cut arms, and A-Train swept aside the occurrence as if he ‘d squashed a human-sized, dungarees-wearing ant.

This harrowing experience is why Hughie joined Butcher’s team to begin with, but international conspiracy theories, 100-year-old Nazis, rupturing heads, and a new girlfriend have actually all stolen Hughie’s attention since then. Just like Hughie, The Boys has actually largely failed to remember Robin ever before existed. Whereas Billy Butcher and also MM still hold burning animosities versus their very own personal supe banes (Homelander and Soldier Boy, specifically), Hughie’s deep hatred of A-Train has actually now dissolved into mild disapproval, leaving The Boys season 1’s Robin story frustratingly unsettled.

That all modifications in The Boys season 3’s “Herogasm” episode. A-Train as well as Hughie are both in attendance at the notorious supe sex party (both totally for legit factors, naturally) and also the last seizes this golden opportunity to require a proper apology over Robin’s death. Catching Hughie off-guard, A-Train not only states sorry, but does so in surprisingly honest and also sincere style, admitting, “I’m sorry … I’m f ** king sorry, Hughie.” A-Train obtains punched regardless, however his remorse formally closes guide on The Boys season 1’s Robin storyline. Hughie lastly has closure after A-Train admitted his criminal activity, showed genuine remorse, and also graciously took a slap around the face. If Robin were a ghost, she would certainly now be laid to rest.

Justice for Robin could’ve taken practically 3 whole periods, yet the timing of A-Train’s apology in The Boys makes perfect sense. Injecting V-24 has offered “Wee” Hughie Campbell the superpower of supreme self-confidence, as well as Herogasm marks his first chance to set A-Train straight. The Boys’ Robin apology likewise feels perfectly timed because of A-Train’s season 3 failure.

The Boys season 3 does not simply pay off Robin’s murder by finally having A-Train program remorse. “Herogasm” goes better by verifying Hughie as well as A-Train are switching areas. Angry over his bro’s paralysis, A-Train catches up with Blue Hawk and eliminates the racist supe in brutal fashion, overlooking the immense danger upon his own wellness. A-Train’s revenge is specifically what a super-powered Hughie could’ve done in the immediate consequences of forearmgate back in The Boys season 1. As A-Train discovers redemption, Hughie does the exact reverse, joining Soldier Boy as well as leaving a trail of dead Herogasm revelers as civilian casualties. He’s currently complicit in the exact same type of disaster that befell Robin.

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