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The Flash Season 8, Episode 19, “negatives, Part One” Recap & Spoilers

As The Flash Season 8 reaches its penultimate episode, Team Flash faces the CW collection’ ultimate enemy. Below’s a spoiler-filled recap of The Flash.

The Flash Season 8 surprised Team Flash– as well as the followers– when it disclosed that Deon Owens, the living character of the Still Force, showed up to have actually gone villainous and abducted Iris West. While the team clambered to rescue Iris, Central City saw the arrival of brand-new speedster Dr. Meena Dhawan and also a brave Eobard Thawne, as opposed to the wicked Thawne left vulnerable and put behind bars on the remote island of Lian Yu. And as the period reaches its penultimate episode, one fan-favorite personality makes the utmost sacrifice while Deon resurfaces to accomplish his fiendish story.

In the Central City of 2049, Nora and Bart are surprised when Iris appears in their residence after arising from the Still Force, with Deon avoiding them from taking her back to her own time. Back in present-day Central City, Team Flash has established a super-suit for Meena (played by Kausar Mohammed) that checks her link to the Negative Speed Force so it will avoid her from being corrupted once again. When Meena fights with maintaining control over her speed, Barry encourages her by revealing his civilian identity, pointing out just how far she has actually come while suggesting she use Fast Track as her superhero name.

On Lian Yu, the atrocious Thawne believes that Deon has actually shown up to cost-free him and recover his super-speed– just for Deon to rapidly age Thawne to fatality. While Barry as well as Team Flash explore Thawne’s death and Deon’s whereabouts, previous supervillain Rosa Dillon challenges Cecile Horton over taking her superpowers to utilize in her own career as well as back at Fast Track Labs, Meena and the excellent Eobard Thawne are confronted by Deon as well as the various other Forces … who wish to eliminate this Thawne as well.

Barry drives away the Forces after the team reveals that they are out to insist full control over the Negative Forces. While going to Royal Flush Gang leader Mona Taylor in Iron Heights, Cecile takes her telepathic powers as well as learns what Team Flash is facing.

Cecile leads Allegra Garcia and also Chester P. Runk to tackle the Negative Forces, with Cecile’s telepathy maintaining Deon at bay while Chester outmaneuvers Fuerza. Barry trains Meena on how to share her connection to the Negative Speed Force with Thawne; the 3 speedsters charging into battle equally as the Negative Forces subdue Cecile’s group. This battle activates intensifying temporal illness for Iris in 2049, leaving Nora as well as Bart even more concerned about their mommy’s condition.

While Meena and also Thawne maintain the Negative Forces active, Barry runs around Central City to develop sufficient Speed Force lightning for one significant strike that would certainly counteract their opponents forever. Equally as Barry flings the lightning, Deon summons Iris back to present-day to take the full impact of the blast rather– and she dies in Barry’s arms. This sacrifice is revealed to likewise trigger the rebirth of the wicked Thawne, who ruptures free from his brave counterpart as the final battle in The Flash Season 8 starts.

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