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The MCU Just Made Iron Man The Ten Rings Plot Hole Even Worse

An information in Ms. Marvel made the MCU’s inconsistent representation of The Ten Rings company also a lot more puzzling than its 2 representations in Iron Man as well as Shang-Chi and also the Legend of the Ten Rings. The MCU’s Ten Rings are one of the initial villains to show up in the MCU franchise, debuting in 2008’s Iron Man as a terrorist organization accountable for Tony Stark’s important heart injury under the instruction of Obadiah Stane.

The Ten Rings are revealed to be a efficient and also dangerous terrorist group in Iron Man, running out of a secret base in Afghanistan as well as kidnapping Tony Stark to require him to make his dangerous Jericho projectiles for them. The Ten Rings are revealed to be far larger and also more hazardous in Shang-Chi, as they’re a global criminal empire whose influence is discovered throughout the globe and also whose leader, The Mandarin (a.k.a. Xu Wenwu), is essentially immortal thanks to the strange ten rings he wears. With this in mind, it’s hard to see why The Ten Rings would certainly require Stark’s tools or a partnership with Obadiah Stane in the first place.

Ms. Marvel’s 3rd episode, “Destined,” includes a Ten Rings easter egg, revealing their distinctive symbol on the floor of a temple in India, where four inter-dimensional Djinn discover either powerful bracelets. This indicates that the bangle that Kamala Khan puts on remains in some way linked to The Mandarin’s ten rings, however it likewise strengthens the more mystical depiction of the company seen in Shang-Chi and contrasts with their even more mundane representation in Iron Man. Shang-Chi does clarify, nevertheless, why The Ten Rings organization is different in its narrative (and Ms. Marvel’s) when contrasted to Iron Man’s, as the company had finished its criminal tasks temporarily as well as was likely in the process of reclaiming its stamina throughout the events of Iron Man, fixing up the three buildings.

Shang-Chi discloses that Wenwu fell as well as fulfilled in love with Ying Li in the year 1996, as well as subsequently ended his criminal job so the two could increase a household. When Ying Li was killed by the Iron Gang in either 2006 or 2007, Wenwu established vengeance as well as reactivated The Ten Rings’ criminal activities. Despite having all his power and influence, Wenwu can’t reconstruct his substantial empire within a year, so it makes good sense that one of his cells would certainly appear standard contrasted to the organization’s high-tech as well as magical powerful cell.

Considering that the flashback scene in Ms. Marvel occurs in the year 1942, The Ten Rings company would be decades far from placing its criminal activities on hold. Having The Ten Rings be connected with a mystical holy place in India that houses among the mysterious bangles makes good sense, provided their worldwide presence and partiality for mystical artefacts. The Ten Rings might not be depicted continually in Iron Man as well as Ms. Marvel, yet Shang-Chi as well as the Legend of the Ten Rings make sense of the discrepancy.

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