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The Midfielder Suffers A complete Tear The Endless Calvary Of Cristian Cedres. – Phil Sports News

The midfielder who retired injured in the last league game against Rayo Vallecano will have to undergo surgery.UD Las Palmas confirmed this morning the worst news for Cristian Cedrés.

The youth squad is therefore lost for the remainder of the season. Cristian Cedrés had begun to enter into Pepe Mel’s plans. Cedrés suffers a complete anterior cruciate tear in his right knee and is estimated to be out for six to seven months. Without prominence at the beginning of the season, they had started the team’s last three games. Even the coach had shown his support for the player in the press room I got Cristian Cedrés back for the cause a year or so ago.

This injury opens the possibility that the club can use the number 22 for incorporation into the winter market. 2020 for Gran Canaria has been to forget has to give us things,” Mel reflected just ten days ago. In January the meniscus in his left knee broke (which caused him to be out for several months), his mother died in May (of a heart attack), and now that he was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, a more serious injury if possible.

One more test that gives me know how many more It will continue to put me in my way and more this year, that the truth has been my worst nightmare, but I only know that it will never beat me and I will never lower my arms … Everything serves to learn and make us stronger. Thanks to all the people who have been by my side from the first moment and to those who send me messages of encouragement. It is appreciated from the heart. No one will hit you as hard as life does.

The yellow infirmary is at the top. And no matter how hard you can hit, it matters how hard they can hit you and keep moving forward ‘ There are ten players who have finished the year injured. Many of them, like Ale Díez, already Players such as Araujo or Pejiño are expected to begin entering the calls from January.

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