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The Problem Of Real Madrid That Is Going To More: A Goal From The Other ‘9’ In 25 Games

There is a problem of Real Madrid that does not stop growing and that is weighing on the white team in recent seasons the low scoring contribution of the other ‘9’ of the team. It all comes down to Benzema and the numbers of his substitutes at the attacking point are light-years away. This season, the other ‘9’ of the team have only contributed 1 goal in the 25 matches played in all competitions. Mariano (the author of the aforementioned goal against Villarreal) and Jovic (who already scores with Eintracht) have been very far from the role they should have as scorers.

Madrid goes from Benzema’s 13 goals to the goal that they add between their other two 9 now one. A step that is too big in which Zidane’s lack of confidence in the French’s substitutes also has a lot to do with it. They have scored little  1 goal Mariano and none Jovic and have played little 277 minutes for the youth squad and 208 for the Serbian. Whatever it is, the problem is a goal escape that is weighing on Real Madrid. A problem that Real Madrid has dragged on in recent years. Already last season the outlook was just as bleak about the other ‘9’ of the white team, called to fulfill a work of support in the scoring facet that has been conspicuous by its absence. In the 19-20, behind Karim’s 27 goals were only the three goals that were signed between Jovic 2 in 806 minutes and Mariano 1 in 84

On 18-19, more of the same. Madrid recovered Mariano in search of a goal beyond Benzema and the youth squad signed a goal in the 277 minutes that Lopetegui, Solari, and Zidane gave him. There was no scoring support from another ‘9’ after the 30 goals that Karim signed. The role of the second scorer that season was played by Bale with 14 goals before ‘disappearing’ almost completely. In short, in the last three seasons, the other ‘9’ have given Madrid five goals, an insignificant figure that reflects the great problem that the white team is dragging with the goal.

The rest of the attack also ‘stuff

But the responsibility for the lack of punch is not only affected the other 9 but also conditioned by the lack of opportunities and minutes. The rest of the attack is also in focus, players who, without having the scorers label, should contribute much more in this facet. A contribution that does not arrive. This season, no player other than Benzema surpasses the four-goal bar, which includes Casemiro and Modric, two midfielders. Little scoring news from the rest of the attackers,

With Vinicius with three goals, both from Hazard and Lucas, and only one goal from Asensio and Rodrygo at this stage of the championship. The figure of the second scorer in Madrid is conspicuous by its absence beyond the other ‘9’.Far is the punch exhibited by the BBC, which acquires value as time passes and Madrid fails to remake itself in the scoring chapter. In their last season together, the historic white attack signed 77 goals, Cristiano’s 44, Bale’s 21, and Benzema’s 12.

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