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Vanam Movie Review: This horror thriller neither scares nor thrills 

When a movie has reincarnation as its central theme, a mirror that reveals the outdated birth of of us and an underlying supernatural slay mystery, one would ideally query it to result in a extremely engaging movie. But sadly this one would now not due to its rudderless writing and underwhelming staging. 

Vanam gets a sexy open. The initial jiffy of the movie and the premise it sets are pretty collaborating. A series of deaths happen in a boys hostel room for causes unknown and the lead Magizh (Vetri) tries to unravel the mystery, along with his childhood fancy Jasmine (Smruthi Venkat). Director Srikandan succeeds in environment the mood for a thriller correct. But what’s constructed with the battle, goes tumbling down when the search of the hero to search out the pieces of the lacking puzzle begins. The common sense goes for a protracted vacation and bizarre issues open to happen. 

Solid: Vetri, Smruthi Venkat, Vela Ramamurthy, Azhagam Perumal, Anu Sithara 

Director: Srikandan Anandh

He stumbles upon a e book, that narrates the existence of a perverted Jamindar, who became equally sharp about ladies’s noserings and reincarnation, (Yes! You study that correct) and believes that the hostel murders dangle a valid hyperlink to this fable. Why? We are now not truly particular on legend of the hero says, “Enaku samandham iruku nu thonudhu,” several times and that is the reason gorgeous noteworthy it. This biography is a hand-written script with illustrations and most seriously it is left incomplete. “Why became it left incomplete?” “How did an incomplete, unfinished biography get its manner to a library?” “Why wasn’t it published?” The more you whisper about it, the more doubts you salvage. But we shouldn’t dangle solutions because the movie would now not address these too. 

The morality of Vanam is additionally somewhat arguable as kids intoxicating themselves and having a consensual intimate second with their girlfriends are termed sinners and made to suffer for it. I understand that the previous is a simply offence, but I may perhaps now not wrap my head around why the latter is considered as indespicable. 

Other than being a suspense thriller, Vanam is additionally a horror movie, which is aimed at sending chills down your backbone. However the tropes are so vulnerable that you open predicting the predicament of the jump scares. 

Ron Ethan Yohann’s tune may perhaps be the handiest memorable effort on this forgettable day out. His background ratings are so factual that one would want that it became reserved for an even bigger movie. 

For your total, Vanam targets to ship us the fun, pleasure and terror of a jungle safari but finally ends up making us feel blindfolded, directionless in a woodland. 


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