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Vinodhaya Sitham Movie Review: Thambi Ramaiah, Samuthirakani present a heartwarming tale of the last ride

In Sivaji, Rajinikanth says, “Saagara naal therinju pochu na, vaazhara naal naragamaaidum.” And there just isn’t any doubt that the conception of loss of life is an existential theme of the human scramble that offers birth to a diffusion of questions. What happens after we die? Where will we poke? Will other folks be conscious us after? Regardless of loss of life being the finest straight forward job of life, we are never somewhat ready for it. In Vinodhaya Sitham, Samuthirakani’s most contemporary directorial, he asks us a straightforward question about life and loss of life. Is loss of life in level of fact the leisure big adventure?

Solid: Thambi Ramaiah, Samuthirakani, Sriranjini, Munishkanth

Director: Samuthirakani

Streaming on: Zee5

Centred around the life and times of Parasuram (a qualified Thambi Ramaiah), Samuthirakani weaves a anecdote that questions the conception of free will, destiny, luck, and sooner or later, loss of life. But it isn’t all grim as Samuthirakani leaves us with a prolonged lasting message of hope. It makes us keep in mind that the ones who left us weren’t going through the dart into the previous with out a accomplice. They weren’t by myself. No doubt, it would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps all seem hokum, and there would possibly perhaps well perhaps merely not be an afterlife in spite of the entire lot. But, these tales are like folklore… it’s acquainted and comforting, even supposing it’s cooked up. 

Parasuram is like the father from Santhosh Subramaniam, but easiest on steroids. He decides the entire lot for his family — spouse (Sriranjini), son (Deepak), daughters (Sanchita Shetty and Yuvasri Lakshmi). The hyperactive Parasuram who takes the proverb – Time and tide rely on no person – too seriously is confronted by time itself, performed by a stoic Samuthirakani. As time in actual fact waits for Parasuram to enact off his worldly tasks, we are shown how puny we sooner or later topic to the overall design of issues. Now, these ideas would possibly perhaps well perhaps be wondered for his or her general veracity, but on this world, these exist and it’s on its tips that we glance Parasuram’s effectively-constructed life disintegrate and reconstruct in front of our eyes. 

Samuthirakani’s Vinodhaya Sitham is per a theatre play of the identical name, written by Sreevathson, and has a the same 90-minute runtime. Although certain one-liners and the overall toddle of anecdote stays the identical, the adjustments that are made in level of fact fortify the movie. It is impressive how Samuthirakani stuffs in powerful more layers into the movie without it feeling overly bloated or… since it’s miles a Samuthirakani movie… preachy. There would possibly perhaps be a minute twist within the tales of Parasuram’s doable son-in-legislation (Hari Krishnan) and daughter-in-legislation (Sheriina). There would possibly perhaps be a minute twist in why Parasuram’s youthful daughter (Yuvasri) has the same opinion to a hurried marriage. There would possibly perhaps be a minute twist within the anecdote of Parasuram’s spouse. There would possibly perhaps be a minute twist by approach of Parasuram’s situation of job promotion. There would possibly perhaps be a minute twist by approach of Parasuram’s remaining feel sorry about. Even Time’s non-mincing of words comes with a right lesson right here, and a preachy undertone there. But every of these twists and messages is neatly wrapped within the hide of sentiment with a shockingly efficient layer of comedy. 

Vinodhaya Sitham is basically the most refined Samuthirakani movie since Unnai Charanadainthen, but we influence look some backyard-selection sentiment. It is the performances of a stable ensemble that manages to raise the stereotypes to refreshing flourishes. On the surface stage, it would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps merely not seem that Thambi Ramaiah is doing the leisure that we haven’t viewed him influence earlier. If truth be told, the OTT-ness of his efficiency would possibly perhaps well perhaps merely be similar to his earlier works — Saattai, Adutha Saattai, Appa — with Samuthirakani himself. But, Thambi Ramaiah’s grounding and affecting efficiency allow us to transfer wanting under the caricaturish nature of Parasuram and obtain powerful more depth. The equivalent would possibly perhaps well perhaps be acknowledged about Sriranjini’s efficiency too. It is Samuthirakani’s writing that ensures that roles that bustle the wretchedness of being right cardboard characters are the leisure but in Vinodhaya Sitham

No doubt, since there are somewhat plenty of layers and subplots packed in, the 90-minute runtime doesn’t in level of fact influence justice to all of it. The developing of the premise and introducing us to the multiple gamers takes up so powerful time that the leisure option feels rushed. But, fleshy factors to composer Sathya for giving us a somewhat sobering soundtrack as towards the bombastic background scores we are ancient to in contemporary Samuthirakani motion pictures. 

Over the last two years, our tips of life and loss of life have gone through a drastic commerce. Now, we step out of our properties more conscious of our mortality than ever sooner than. Each person is conscious of how puny our effectively-laid future plans in level of fact depend. Each person is conscious of how our lives can turn the opposite arrangement up in a topic of right days. Our conception of eventuality is being wondered. But is there something that will perhaps in actual fact be done?  By Vinodhaya Sitham, Samuthirakani and Co divulge us that despite the proven reality that there is puny or no we can influence, it shouldn’t dwell us from being… effectively, fine other folks. As Albus Dumbledore says in Harry Potter, “For the effectively-organised tips, loss of life is however the subsequent big adventure.” Did I ever like I’d be using a Harry Potter quote to sum up a Samuthirakani movie? Nicely… that’s one Vinodhaya Sitham certainly.

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