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Watch ‘Dune’ available on streaming for free? Where to watch online

Yes, Dune is now available to stream on HBO Max in the US, starting October 21 at 3 pm PDT / 6 pm EST. The streaming date was initially set for Friday, October 22, but was boosted just two days before it debuted to match the theater release date.

Fans of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi saga Dune will finally get the chance to see the Denis Villeneuve-directed blockbuster, now showing in theaters across the country. But the theater isn’t the only place to see Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and an all-star cast in one of the most talked-about films of the year — moviegoers can also stream the epic drama from home on HBO Max.

Dune opened nationwide in the US on Thursday, October 21, with a day-and-date release on HBO Max. The picture earned a respectable $41 million on top of the domestic box office in its first three days in the US, especially impressive when the HBO Max release came in.

Account. In addition to the generally positive reviews and mostly euphoric reception of Frank Herbert’s book fans, Dune is already the highest-grossing film in the career of respected filmmaker Villeneuve.

When will Dune be available to stream?

Dune premiered on HBO Max on October 21, 2021. HBO Max is the only place to stream Dune online, and you have 31 days from the theatrical premiere to stream it for free – as long as you have an HBO subscription.

How to Watch Dune Online on HBO Max

To stream Dune online, you need to sign up for an ad-free HBO Max subscription, which costs just $14.99 per month. With your subscription, you can watch Dune online for free and on-demand as often as you want. You can stream Dune on your phone, tablet, laptop, or connected TV with HBO Max.

The film will stream on HBO Max 31 days after its premiere date, meaning Dune will be leaving HBO Max at the end of November.

HBO Max hasn’t rolled out an official free trial for customers, so an HBO Max subscription is the only way to watch Dune online right now.

The science fiction film already finished shooting last year and is waiting for its premiere in a world where Hollywood is not stopping major productions for fear of the impact of the coronavirus. However, this co-production between Canada, Hungary, the United States, and the United States States are maintaining the initially planned release date for the time being.

When will Dune hit theaters?

The simultaneous arrival in theaters and HBO MAX — a practice Warner has already ruled out before 2022 — of “Dune” is slated for October 1, 2021. Initially, the premiere was scheduled for December 18, 2020, but Hollywood isn’t ceasing to delay releases. Lately, in response to the coronavirus pandemic and when Warner moved ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to December 25, it ensured that the date change from ‘Dune’ was only a matter of time.

What is Dune?

“Dune” is a science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert and first published in 1965. Its great success led the author to create several sequels, which died shortly after the publication of the sixth part, with an open ending, in 1985. Of course, years later, his son Brian Herbert closed the franchise with two new novels written alongside Kevin J. Anderson.

The story of ‘Dune’ revolves around Paul Atreides, a family member responsible for the exploitation of Arrakis, the only planet with access to a very precious possession. Previously controlling the earth with an iron fist, the Harkonen decide to regain power, forcing Paul to flee to the desert, where he must face endless dangers and devise a plan to defeat the Harkonen.

Cast and protagonists of ‘Dune.’

The new adaptation of ‘Dune’ has without a doubt one of the best casts in recent years. Before it, we have Timothée Chalamet, the great revelation of the great ‘Call Me By Your Name, who brings the young Paul Atreides to life. By his side, in every way, we will have Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac in the role of their parents.

Stellan Skarsgard, for her part, takes on the shoes of Vladimir Harkonnen, the great enemy of the Atreides. In contrast, Charlotte Rampling will take place between good and evil as Reverend Mother Mohiam.

In addition, ‘Dune’ also features Javier Bardem, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Stephen Henderson, Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and David Dastmalchian. A lot of talent together.

Will there be a sequel to Dune?

Dune is technically called Dune: Part One, so it shouldn’t surprise you that fans are already talking about Dune: Part Two.

“Will we get a sequel to Dune? When you watch the movie, you see how it ends,” WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff said on the day Part One debuted in US theaters. “I think you pretty much know the answer to that.”

After grossing an estimated $40.1 million on its North American debut, Dune hit theaters in 75 countries, earning him over $200 million. The impressive display led to confirmation of a sequel…

“I just got news from Legendary [Entertainment] that we are officially moving forward with Dune: Part Two,” director Denis Villeneuve announced on October 26. “It was a dream of mine to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune, and I have to thank the fans, the cast, and crew, Legendary, and Warner Bros. thank you for supporting this dream. This is just the beginning.”

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