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What to know before getting ceramic paint protection in Sydney

You can never protect your car enough. Its exterior is exposed to extreme weather and various elements that threaten to damage that lovely shiny paint. That is equally true if you live in the city of Sydney in Australia, where hot weather, bird droppings, water spots from the sea, bugs and bird dropping could make your car unsightly. You could get a new coat of paint, but that won’t serve the purpose. The solution then lies in paint protection like ceramic coating that is effective, most minor maintenance and long-lasting. But before getting paint protection in Sydney, you should know what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

What is Ceramic Car Paint Protection?

As the name suggests, car paint protection is something that protects the paint of your vehicle. There are four primary types of paint protection: wax, sealant, ceramic coating, and transparent paint protection film. Of these, ceramic coating is the most desired and has been around since 2010. However, unlike others, you need a professional to apply it. It comes with a warranty period, which is usually five years from when it has been used.

Where Should You Get Your Ceramic Coating?

Before getting your ceramic coating done in Sydney, it is advisable to check whether the service provider has been certified and tested by SGS (the most extensive testing, certification, and inspection company in the world). The body conducts several tests to determine whether the paint is oxidation and corrosion resistant, can withstand harsh chemicals and contaminants, the flexibility of coating itself, assessing the degree of adhesion, effects of UV, and nontoxicity. If your provider has a certification issued by SGS, you can be assured of their expertise in ceramic car protection.

How is the Coating Applied to the Car?

There are a few steps that are involved in the coating application process. It begins with a thorough washing of the car to remove the dirt, mud, muck, grime and soot. The second step is decontamination, where any particles lodged deep inside the paint are removed. The microscopic particles of iron are caused by friction or the burning of metal. These tiny ferrous based particles can be removed by an iron remover spray, besides other ways. The third step involves an inspection of the paintwork to detect and remove any imperfections in the paint, a process also known as paint correction.

Next, a preparation polish is applied to ensure that the paintwork is smooth and precise. The polishing removes any scratches or swills and provides a brilliant gloss. Finally, the ceramic coating is applied methodically and then cured, taking special care and precaution to ensure that the paint reaches its full strength.

Benefits of Ceramic paint protection

Protection from UV rays

Sydney can get quite hot during the summer season, with temperatures reaching 37 degrees celsius. On such hot days, the UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun will cause the paint to fade or discolour. You must have seen cars have a crusty or sunburnt kind of appearance after being exposed to the sun for too long. Ceramic coating has UV stabilisers that will protect your paint from harmful rays.

It Lasts for a Long Time

Other kinds of paint protections like wax and sealants have to be repeatedly applied since they last for a short time. Ceramic car paint protection, after it has been used, lasts for at least five years. No reapplication unless rare and extreme circumstances demand it. It is also cost-effective since it has to be applied just once. Although the cost of waxing coating in Sydney is about 80$AU, it can add up over time since you will require multiple coats over some time. Although the initial investment with ceramic coating is relatively high, it does not require any maintenance or reapplication.

Excellent Protection against Chemicals

Perhaps no other paint protection is as resistant to harsh chemicals as a ceramic coating. It keeps away harmful chemicals that could otherwise destroy the exterior of your car. It is also resistant to other things that damage your vehicle, including bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, finger paints, and fuel stains. However, you should note that even though environmental pollutants settle on the car’s body, you can easily remove them with ceramic coating since it significantly reduces the surface tension.

It is Effortless to Clean

There is a fine of up to 450$AU in New South Wales, including Sydney, for not washing your car correctly. That’s not something you would want. Another benefit of ceramic coating is that dirt and grime are easily removed as it has hydrophobic properties. You can keep your car clean easily and quickly, without worrying about its effects on the paint or exterior.

Getting ceramic car paint protection in Sydney is the best thing you can do for your car’s exterior. It is long-lasting, effective, and economical and will lend your vehicle the glossiness and protection that you are always after.

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