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Why Are Those Weird Flies The Key To Westworld Season 4?

Buzzing flies are a recurring concept in Westworld season 4’s premiere – right here’s why they’re so important. HBO’s Westworld simply loves leaving aesthetic calling cards, and also previous periods have actually featured imagery of mazes, stetson, birds, and Vitruvian guys. Season 4’s crucial icon is the modest housefly. These pests have actually been prevalent throughout Westworld’s current advertising project, appearing in trailers, stills, and even a personalized Twitter emoji. It does not take the intelligence of Robert Ford or the processing power of Maeve Millay to understand these bugs are the course to unlocking Westworld’s season 4 keys.

They definitely play a big role in episode 1 of HBO’s brand-new period. Westworld season 4 opens up with Host William (developed by Hale at the end of period 3 as some kind of personal assistant) going to the Hoover Dam and also the cartel gangsters who currently own it. When requiring to buy the site verifies unsuccessful, William promises the dam will be moved to him free of cost the very next day. The cartel member returns home, locates a swarm of flies nesting on the ceiling of his residence, as well as without delay blacks out. When the mobster awakens, he butchers his colleague, transfers Hoover Dam to William’s possession, and takes his very own life.

Westworld season 4 doesn’t hand out the nature of these unusual flies in episode 1, but does use 2 crucial details that highlight exactly how important they could be to mankind’s future … or do not have thereof.

What Are Westworld Season 4’S Weird Flies?

Westworld’s renowned opening titles update every period, and typically consist of small story hints. While the definition could be symbolic (this is Westworld, after all), season 4’s title series imflies these bugs have been produced synthetically by Delos – the business currently managed by hosts Hale and also William.

Whatever Hale’s flies consist of, Westworld season 4 has already disclosed the effect. The poor(?) cartel member that rejects the Man in Black’s deal to buy Hoover Dam changes over night. Once bold and also harmful, he now does William’s bidding, murdering the other mobsters as well as scheduling the center to coming to be Delos building, probably with no cash money transforming hands. Weirdest of all, the cartel’s doomed negotiator takes his life – but only after getting specific approval from William initially. Because the individual passed out, no person can definitively state what triggered this personality transplant … but those flies are surely the origin.

Why Westworld Season 4’S Flies Are So Important

In the post-credits series of Westworld season 3, the actual William faced Hale (a host evolved from a duplicate of Dolores), but was easily beat by his robot counterpart. Hale delivered her objective declaration as intending to “save the world … for us” and Westworld season 3 concluded by exposing dozens of host-making machines persistently constructing fresh bodies. The definition was clear – Hale looked for to put down people in their very own globe and also replace them with hosts.

Delos’ family pet flies are the response to making Hale’s nefarious objective a reality. As our friend from the cartel discovered, direct exposure to these flies results in complete compliance. Whether they operate by means of innovation or viral transmission, the flies provide hosts a means of programs human beings similarly people have invested years setting hosts. This is deeply ironic, of course, as the image of Dolores swatting a fly represented her growing life back in Westworld period 1. As part of her farm lady backstory, Dolores additionally pointed out just how her family members’s cattle were when erased by airborne condition spread by flies. She must’ve discovered the ideas from her Dolores memories if Hale is using pests to spread something amongst humans.

Catching one guy in his house is impressive enough, yet imagine if Delos’ super-fly innovation was used on a nationwide or worldwide scale in Westworld season 4. With enough bugs, Charlotte Hale and William would possess the modern technology essential to organize a worldwide requisition where humans and hosts swap locations.

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