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Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Rating Shoots Off The Charts After Long Wait

We expected that the Yellowstone season 4 premiere ratings would be huge. That said, we never expected what we got!

According to a brand new report now coming in courtesy of Deadline, the epic two-hour start to the season attracted a staggering 8 million live+same day viewers on the Paramount Network. That makes this the most-watched episode of the show by a HUGE margin, and it’s also the most-watched episode of any basic cable show since The living Dead a good three years ago.

This was a very deliberate move on the part of the network to have it premiere in the fall and despite our skepticism about broadcasting to the NFL and also succession on HBO, this turned out to be a very smart move. It’s also something that bodes well for some of the other Taylor Sheridan products at Paramount+, including: Mayor of Kingstown.

In the main 18-49 demographic, the numbers turned out to be just as impressive. The Season 4 premiere earned a rating of over 3.2, which is better than any program that airs regularly on broadcast or cable this calendar year. (We exclude the premiere of the equalizer, since that aired after the Super Bowl and would inevitably have a huge lead.)

Now we just have to wait and see what the rest of the season will bring to the table. For now, we remain hopeful that we’ll see some more highly rated episodes, but it’s pretty hard to imagine anything else coming even remotely close to this one. Just remember that this episode came off one of the biggest cliffhangers ever and for that reason alone there were a lot of people talking and more than ever there was an important reason to watch live. Otherwise you really risk missing out on something huge!

What did you think of the Yellowstone season 4 premiere ratings shattering so many records?

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