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Yellowstone season 4: Release date, trailer, cast and other details

Yellowstone season 4’s premiere is almost here. The next chapter of the Dutton family saga arrives Sunday, and fans are poring over all the latest trailers and promos for clues about the fates of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and his children.

You still have a few days to watch Yellowstone seasons 1-3 and catch up on all the wild, western action. The drama stars Costner as John Dutton, the sixth-generation patriarch of the Dutton family, who controls the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. This is still frontier country, and the ranch is under constant attack by land developers, an Indian reservation, and the nearby national park.

John’s family includes son Kayce Dutton, a former Navy SEAL whose wife, Monica, is Native American. There’s daughter Beth Dutton, a financier who has struggled with substance abuse problems. Younger son Jamie Dutton is a lawyer and aspiring politician. And Rip Wheeler is the ranch foreman with romantic ties to Beth.

The explosive season 3 finale left with many of the Duttons’ lives hanging in the balance. No one is safe — not even Costner! (Kidding, he’s safe.)

Here’s everything we know so far about Yellowstone season 4.

Yellowstone season 4 release date

Paramount Network has set the Yellowstone season 4 release date for Sunday, November 7.

Fans have been waiting for a confirmed premiere date for months. Many were hoping to see season 4 drop around Father’s Day since all three previous seasons premiered in June. And filming wrapped back in November (though some reshoots took place this spring). Oh well, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Yellowstone season 4 trailer and teasers

The first entire Yellowstone season 4 trailer is packed with action and emotional face-offs. “Don’t you die on me,” Rip Wheeler orders a bloodied John Dutton, who was caught in a hailstorm of bullets?

Meanwhile, the infamous Garrett is spinning words again to his biological son, Jamie Dutton. He doesn’t believe in the concepts of “fair” or “moral. “What about right or wrong?” Jamie asks. And Garrett replies, “There’s no such thing.”

Previously, Paramount Network dropped the first Yellowstone season 4 teaser trailer in early July, giving us our first glimpse at footage from the upcoming season. While much of the footage is re-edited scenes from previous episodes, we do get our first look at Rip and John in the aftermath of the third season finale

And check out this promo that teases season 4 but also advises fans to buff up their memories by streaming seasons 1-3 in advance of the premiere:

Yellowstone season 4 cast

Kevin Costner leads the cast of Yellowstone as John Dutton, a sixth-generation patriarch of the Dutton family who operates the Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch.

Cast members including: join him

  • Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, John’s son and a former US Navy SEAL
  • Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton, John’s daughter, and a financier
  • Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, John’s son and an attorney and aspiring politician.
  • Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, the ranch foreman and love interest of Beth
  • Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long Dutton, Kayce’s wife who is Native American
  • Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton, Kayce and Monica’s son
  • Gil Birmingham as Chief Thomas Rainwater, chief of the nearby Native American tribe
  • Ian Bohen as Ryan, a ranch hand
  • Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce, a senior ranch hand
  • Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom, a ranch hand
  • Denim Richards as Colby, a ranch hand

Season 3 introduced new faces to the ranch, but it’s unclear if they’ll be back for season 4. They include Josh Holloway as Roarke Morris, Karen Pittman as Willa Hays, and Will Patton as Garrett Randall.

Deadline also reports that new cast members will arrive in the fourth season, including Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) as Caroline Warner, the “CEO of Market Equities that is trying to crush the hold that John Dutton has on his sprawling Montana ranch.”

Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs), Kathryn Kelly (Nashville), and Finn Little (Those Who Wish Me Dead) are also joining the show’s cast.

Yellowstone Season 4 plot and spoilers

Yellowstone season 4 will have a massive cliffhanger to resolve after the season finale ended so explosively. A bomb went off in Beth’s office while Kayce and John were targeted in separate shootings. Will the three Duttons survive?

The teaser has already confirmed that John survives the events of the finale. It must have something to do with the “powerful” resolution Kevin Costner claimed the character has in a local Fox interview.

As for Beth, both Reilly and Hauser have talked about her future with Rip, which implies that she makes it out of the bombing. Assuming Beth lives, perhaps she and Rip will finally make it official and get married.

That said, there’s also been plenty of online speculation that Beth does die, with one Reddit thread reported on in Country Living suggesting that the fact that John lives makes it more likely that Beth doesn’t. Of course, we have no way of knowing whether any of this is true, but it’s always fun to see what people think.

At any rate, fans can look forward to season 4 starting at a “breakneck pace,” according to cast member White. It seems likely that the Duttons and their allies will respond to the bombing and shootings with some kind of retribution. As Hauser told Deadline, season 4 episode 1 could be titled “Wrath of Rip.”

“Everybody’s in danger in Montana after that,” he said. But, given the teaser trailer’s focus on revenge, it seems as though the Duttons will be settling some scores.

Another intriguing storyline set up for season 4 is the tense relationship between the Duttons and the area’s indigenous people. Again, things look to boil over, and Monica may be a vital part of that, as she figures to become a leader of the local tribe.

Yellowstone prequel

Yellowstone fans are getting even more Dutton ranch action with a prequel series on Paramount Plus. Titled Y:1883, the spinoff is set 125 years in the past before the family was wealthy or influential.

According to Paramount Plus, Y:1883 “follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land—Montana.”

Y:1883 is set to premiere sometime in 2021. Check out the teaser trailer:

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