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Young Justice: The Phantom’s post-credits scene turns two DC heroes into villains

The Young Justice: Phantoms finale includes a post-credits scene that disclosed two DC heroes have actually rather become supervillains on the HBO Max collection.

Whenever Young Justice: Phantoms let its heroes emerge triumphant from a goal, there would constantly be a new threat prowling. Darkseid’s son Grayven pertained to the forefront right after Vandal Savage went away to generate a superhuman military. Lor-Zod then swiped the show from Grayven just a couple of episodes later and remained the main enemy for the remainder of the season– also murdering a Green Lantern in the process.

Lor-Zod’s quest led to his father, General Dru-Zod, that manipulated Conner Kent right into ending up being an unintended ally. A post-credits scene revealed who the following Young Justice bad guys will certainly be if the collection is restored by HBO Max … as well as they’re two previous superheroes.

Grayven returned in the post-credits scene, exposing upgrades to Granny Goodness’ Furies to Big Barda and Mary Marvel. Grayven referred to the latter as Black Mary, which may refer to when DC had Mary turn from excellent to evil just before Final Crisis. She took Black Adam’s power for herself after she was removed from Shazam as well as the Rock of Eternity. In Young Justice, it seems that Mary’s offered into the magic that’s been poisoning her.

This variation of the character was more muscular, mean as well as Grayven discussed she was starving to pursue Billy Batson and the rest of her household, especially Zatanna. Mary was gotten rid of from Zatanna’s Sentinels of Liberty previously in the season for not being mentally prepared, so she has a superordinary chip on her shoulder. Her wish for retribution is clear motivation for any upcoming season.

Mischief-maker Savage had earlier admitted he sent out a Kryptonian he took from the Phantom Zone to Apokolips; that was Kara Zor-El. In Young Justice canon, she was sent out to the Zone by her papa as well as Grayven had Granny Goodness teach her.

He hallucinated eliminating the Man of Steel when Dru-Zod turned him into the meaningless tool known as Kon-El. While Young Justice has actually not formally been renewed for one more season, if the program does return, these heroes turned villains will offer an even larger obstacle for the Justice League than the Zods.

All 26 episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms, in addition to the three previous Young Justice periods, are available on HBO Max.

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